Dear sport and music fans, dear athletes,

the organizer, the Förderverein LAV Tübingen e.V., and the entire team of volunteers are deeply sorry for having to cancel the Soundtrack event. We are extremely disappointed that the weather let us down and that we had to interrupt all competitions due to the thunderstorm. After nearly 3 hours of interruption we had to announce the cancellation of the event due to the heavy rainfalls. The bad weather conditions caused a power failure and terribly flooded the sport facilities and the concert site. As a result, we received orders from the municipal office to stop the whole event.

We hope that you understand this decision to avoid any danger or farm for both our visitors and our athletes. It will take some time to figure out the costs and reimbursements. We will inform you about the procedure in the next days. In contrast to some media reports, it is not clear yet to what extend our costs will be covered by our insurance. However, it is clear that the cancellation of the whole event will be a huge burden for us.

A big thank you to our volunteers, athletes, visitors and the city of Tübingen for their support. We also wish to express our utmost gratitude to all our sponsors – without them an event like this would have never been possible in the first place.

The board of the LAV Tübingen